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System Certification

The company promotes, implements, and has passed the OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. The company is committed to complying with all  applicable laws, regulations, and other requirements, to proactively abiding by the law, to reducing or eliminating occupational safety and health risks, to ensuring that all employees can be provided with an environment in which occupational safety, health, and hygiene needs are met, and that the various interests of employees and related parties are met.

Occupational Disease Prevention

The company has developed an occupational health management system, strictly implements a "Three Simultaneous" system in which occupational disease protection facilities for construction projects are designed, constructed, and put into use at the same time as the main facilities, implements an occupational disease risk notification system, and carries out occupational disease risk prevention training.

The company also arranges occupational health examinations, including health examinations before, during, and after leaving work, as well as reviews of acute occupational hazards and occupational health surveillance for employees exposed to a variety of occupational hazards. The company supervises the occupational health activities of relevant parties, performs diagnosis and medical observation on patients with suspected occupational diseases, establishes management files for occupational disease patients, and implements medical treatment, rehabilitation, and protection for occupational disease patients.

The company performs investigations, identification, and declaration of occupational disease hazards, establishes occupational health files, and carry out regular determination and evaluation of occupational disease hazards.

Promotion of Health Care Knowledge

The company provides employees with occupational health care knowledge training according to industry characteristics, popularizes of common knowledge on occupational disease prevention and occupational health care, guides employees in establishing a correct understanding of health, master accurate health care knowledge, and choose healthy lifestyles. The company also publicizes knowledge about heat and cold-related illnesses and aversion techniques, fall prevention methods, and other safety information.

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